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GM Motors
The Challenge :
The performance and technical skills of the
Managers at Vauxhall Motors Ltd were acute.
The skills, however, on ‘how do you deliver the
best from people’, the interpersonal and
motivational skills were not as good as
required to sustain and improve growth. There
were varying levels of management skills and
experience, from those who had been in the
job a long time, to the newly appointed
managers. How people worked and interacted
with each other needed to improve. People
needed to feel valued and appreciated, a shift in
the culture of the organisation was required.

The Solution:
Conversations were held with the key
people in the organisation to establish what
needed to happen and be different within
the business as a result of the training. A
practical spaced learning programme was
tailored to address issues such as team
environment, communication, people skills,
delegation and dealing effectively with the
pressures and stresses of the job. The first
‘Leading from the Front’ programme
was launched in March 2007.

The Results :
Dale Carnegie helped establish the framework
for changing the culture and behaviours within
the organisation. People are keen and want to
work and develop within this framework.
Significant changes can be seen in how people
interface with peer groups and with the people
who work for them, personal responsibility
and performance have improved. Within the
plant there is ‘a we are in this together’
approach. People feel valued and engaged, they
are recognised and acknowledged, they believe
they are the future of the company.

Phil Millward, Employee Relations Director UK
"Managers speak positively about their
experiences on ‘Leading from the Front.’ You
see individuals referring to the Golden Book,
they think before they engage with others,
they listen before answering and if things don’t
go as well as they wanted, they reflect back
and see what they could have done differently.
We now have supervisors asking if the Dale
Carnegie programme is moving down to their
level and we are in discussion to make this a
reality. This would not be happening if people
could not see and feel a difference within the

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